Born Graziano Maldonado-Martínez on December 5, 1955 in San Juan, Puerto Rico USA, he has been associated with high caliber organizations such as Price Waterhouse, Synectics For Management Decisions, the University of Phoenix, the Ana G. Mendez University System, and the Inter-American University. He has also served as Director of Finance and Administration for diverse businesses and industries, and as a faculty lecturer and on-line instructor and developer for graduate courses in accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing, research, and taxes. In 1984 he co-founded General Management Assistance Corp, the predecessor of the Global Management Company GMCo, a former general partnership, dissolved on December 2017. 

Although partially retired, he continues serving at SINÉKTIKS for Management Innovation, a proprietary brand name of Maldonado Martínez & Company, a small  outsourcing, consulting, and technology boutique for entrepreneurial and organizational development. The partnership is properly registered before Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) and the System for Award Management (SAM) as a federal government contractor.

Maldonado has partnered with key technology providers, business development experts, and key federal and state government agencies to integrate practice areas such as Web development & security, e-commerce, e-business, including online branding and advertising, online training and education. He also provides technical assistance on not-for-profit governance and administration, federal government procurement, grants management and regulatory compliance, cost, financial and fund accounting, taxes and research, and has extensive experience for business and commercial bankruptcy technical assistance.

He brings a strong academic background with a Master of Business Administration degree from the Bloomsburg State University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Puerto Rico. He also attended doctoral studies (All But Dissertation) at the University of Sarasota, Florida USA, and other graduate courses at the University of Phoenix and Bucknell University.

Initiated and sworn as a Free Mason on November 1989, at the Great Sovereign Lodge of Puerto Rico USA, Graziano is currently an active practicing member of the Roman Catholic Church.



Graziano Maldonado

For over 40 years he led teams for outsourcing, technology and consulting projects covering almost all industrial categories, and directed the business promotion, organization, and development for an ample spectrum of entities. For example, he led the 7(j) Management and Technical Assistance Services Program for Synectics, and successfully attended the closing of their SBA 8(a) Program exit audit closure before the Defense Contract Audit Agency. After being reorganized, this company is currently selling over 30 million in services to the federal government. He also led the reorganization and restructuring of the Panther Shoe Corp, a manufacturing concern, LeVon Furniture Inc, a wholesale distributor in the Caribbean, and the organizational design and feasibility study for Sundance Airlines Inc, a USA corporation.

He prepared the advanced planning stage for the execution of an inventory of all real estate property of the territory as contracted by the For the Puerto Rico Department of Transportation.

He also restructured the accounting and grants management department for The Ana G. Mendez University, and their public television station with an over 100 million annual budget. in addition, he assisted several prestigious universities of Puerto Rico and Florida for the design, develop and administration of online courses, and technical and motivational training and lectures to entities such as ATT, the Society for Human Resource Management, and Right Management Consultants.

As a small business promoter, he prepared and assembled promotional packages for the Puerto Rico's Economic Development Administration, the SBA 8(a) and GSA Programs, and has helped an ample variety of business organizations to deal with the federal government and for filing tax exemption applications.